Few musicians have the privilege of beginning their professional careers in such a style as has Abhishek. Living evidence of Bikram Ghosh's pedagogical prowess, Abhishek gave his 1st professional concert at the age of 8.
He comes from a music loving family, from where he got lots of support. He was but a boy of 7 when he first stepped into Guru's house, where music reigns, in every possible form. After the start he gave himself with his mother's kitchen utencils, it was under Bikram ghosh's hawk eye that Abhishek metamorphosed into a matured musician with improvisations. While Bikram was away on long tours with Pandit Ravi Shankar, Abhishek had the privilege of taking lessons from the former's father. the great Tabla wizard Pandit. Sankar Ghosh.
For the past 15yrs, Abhishek has intensely engaged himself with the study of rhythm. Though his technical underpinning derive from the farrukkabad Gharana, Abhishek believes in the individual beauty of every gharana. Abhishek; individuality rests primarily on his modulations of the baya  (the left hand bass drum). What distinguishes him most from his contemporaries is his ability to strike a perfect balance between power. clarity, and rhythmic sophistication.
Awarded the 1st prize at the annual music competition of the West Bengal state music Academy in 1996,Abhishek is also the recipient of Pandit Jyan Prakash Ghosh Award 2001, and all India Scholarship.
Abhishek has appeared in concerts both as a soloist and accompanist in concerts like - All India Music conference, Girija Devi's 75th Birthday Celebration, Laha Bari Kolkata, Concerts al lover South India, Mumbai, etc. He has played with many senior classical musicians like Santoor Maestro PT.Tarun Bhattacharya , vocal exponent Smt. Subhra Guha, etc throughout the world.
Abhishek has contributed significantly to Bhattacharya's recent album Dance Of The Gods, released from Bricklane. Recently Abhishek has earned great success from his musical tour of USA. He performed at many prestigious concerts in places like - New York, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Arizona(Phoenix), Losangelas, Dallas, and many other places. Abhishek recently released his own World Music Album ACROSTIC , few months ago , where his new World music band ISM, has also performed.


ACROSTIC; Released 24th November 2003

DANCE OF THE GODS; released from Bricklane
Project ISM
Tour of USA